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FREE Prenatal Yoga Class

After practicing with me for 28 minutes, you will:

  • Learn to breathe fuller, benefiting oxygenation for baby and preparing you for birth
  • Create space for baby by opening up your side body (ever feel baby up in your ribs?!)
  • Feel expansive and more relaxed
  • Feel empowered and proud for giving you and your baby time to connect, release tension and ease pregnancy discomforts

This class is part of my Prenatal Bundle Empowered, Centered and Fit for Birth, a 10 class-package of pre-recorded 30-minute prenatal yoga sessions grounded on hatha and vinyasa yoga, pelvic floor and prenatal anatomy and in alignment with hypnobirthing practices for birth preparation.

Apt for all trimesters, but especially for women in the second or third trimester.

Hi, I'm Melissa and my mission is to support you in your journey into Motherhood. Whether it's the first or fifth time!

Being a mother myself, I know exactly the type of challenges we face when expecting. From the dreaded physical discomforts, to the anxiety and feelings of uncertainty to what’s ahead.

As a certified Hatha, Vinyasa and Holistic Pregnancy and Postpartum Yoga Instructor, I have the tools to help you navigate your pregnancy and postpartum in a more connected and balanced way.

prenatal yoga with melissa
That's me, 8 months pregnant :)

I consider the concept of community and support systems extremely important as an empowerment tool for all women, regardless of their stage in life. You can learn more about me here.

Practice with me for 28 minutes and feel the difference in your body and mind

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